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  • GPS/inertial exterior orientation device for standard cameras.
  • Accurate and effective standard camera triggering.
  • Wired or wireless shutter mode.
  • Manual shutter or direct autopilot enabled integration.
  • Low SWaP-C (low Size, Weight, Power and Cost).

Accurate Aerial Survey


[Image 26, Lon, Lat, Alt, Ω, Φ, Κ]
[Image 18, Lon, Lat, Alt, Ω, Φ, Κ]
[Image 11, Lon, Lat, Alt, Ω, Φ, Κ]
[Image 4, Lon, Lat, Alt, Ω, Φ, Κ]


AeroSync™ speed-up and improves the accuracy of aerial photogrammetry processing. It provides of external georeferencing and orientation data for each triggered picture along the flight path. Which can be applied in aerial mapping, remote sensing, precision agriculture, inspection, construction, mining and other activities. The AeroSync™ can be integrated into several cameras transported on manned or unmanned vehicles.




The AeroSync™ is a GPS/inertial exterior orientations device. It have been developed to respond our customers demands, whom requires to control the whole photogrammetry process by increasing the reliability of the data acquisition system, giving the possibility for self-calibration of the camera while initiating the post-processing software. This technology is the result of Loiter Systems engineering efforts. In which strong theoretical concepts and experimental methodologies from the Aerospace, Electronics and Control Engineering, have been applied to face the aerial remote sensing operations within the precision agriculture field. The AeroSync™ is composed of embedded electronics and high performance GPS-Aided Inertial Navigation System (GPS/INS), which jointly works in the highly accurate standard camera georeferencing and spatial orientation.

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