A Low SWaP-C optronic giro-stabilized camera to the aerial industry.


Design criteria such as image resolution, range performance,  and maintainability are  very important criteria when finding a custom solution with our partners and clients. We mention this to pursue on not oversizing or undersizing the adhoc system for your application. We are always targeting towards scalable and flexible technology.


The GimbalCAM-ULB system have been designed responding to our customers need, whom are companies seeking for Low SWaP-C technology. This device have been conceive due to the lack of low cost systems able to offer an out of the box solution for extended aerial surveillance operation, in addition to enhance reliability under harsh weather and air pollution conditions in Santiago de Chile with an strong engineering technical support.

Strong theoretical and practical methodologies from the Aerospace, Electronics and Control Engineering were applied to deliver GimbalCAM-ULB as an scalable technology, which can be integrated to several vehicles, both manned or unmanned. Regardless of application might be a useful data acquisition system.


Intelligence, Surveillance & Recognition (ISR)

Border Patrol, Search & Rescue

Fire Monitoring & Combat

Environment and Industrial Security

Infrastructure Inspection

Agriculture and Resource Mapping


  • Low SWaP-C (low Size, Weight, Power and Cost).
  • Standard version includes EO (VIS/NIR) sensor.
  • Optional sensor integration: LWIR, MWIR, Multi o Hiper Espectral, LIDAR y otros.
  • Gyro Stabilization based on 6DOF .
  • Optional PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) or RTZ (Roll, Tilt, Zoom), .
  • Protection grade: IP67.
  • Tested under continuous 24/7 operation with harsh environmental condition (low and high temperatures including dense air pollution).



Pan/Tilt Rotation: 360° Continuous Weight: 800gr
Protection Grade: IP67 Size: 156 x137 x137mm
Optical/Digital Zoom: 36x/12x Power: 9.5 W
Focal Length: 7.4 to 122.4 mm Voltage: 12 VDC
Sensor (Standard): EO/NIR Operation T°: -5°C / +60°C
Anti-jittering Si Communication: RS-232 o PWM
Sensor (Optional): LWIR, MWIR, Etc. Video Output (Standard): Analog (PAL or NTCS)
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