Engineering Consultancy

Loiter Systems provides consultancy services toward the objective of evaluating technical information related to UAV technology. This service has been designed for senior management, boards of directors, investors, and others.

Aerospace Engineering Services

Whatever your need, we are a dedicated group of experts / consultants in UAV systems capable of taking your project forward.

Mission Definition

Selection & Recommendation

Acquisition Managment

Training & Operation Support

Performance & Failure Analysis

Maintenance & Repair

Systems Integration

Qualified to integrate unmanned aerial systems (UAVs) at different levels of project development. We are specialists in Low SWaP-C gyro-stabilized systems as optimized payload integrating sensors such as EO, IR, Multispectral, or like. Which, is associated with the control systems that automate the correct acquisition of aerial data.



Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration: fixed-wing, rotary wings, multi rotors, lighter than air balloon and zeppelin, others.



EO, LWIR, Multispectral, LIDAR & Others

Electronics & Control

Electronics & Control

Autopilot, telemetry & video links, power distribution, others.

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